Posted by Callum Short on Jan 11, 2015

Interesting franchise: Firestorm Solutions

In franchises, niches are often generic and of industry categories which aren’t too specific in required skillsets. Why? Because they are the businesses which are proven profitable, market validated and easy to pick-up by aspiring-franchisees. In essence, they are the most effective business models for franchisers. Yet, every once in a while we see franchises come along which have skill-set requirements rather out of the ordinary. Today, we’re exploring the franchise Firestorm, which fits right READ MORE

Posted by Callum Short on Dec 04, 2014

How to choose a profitable franchise

...There are over 900 franchises in the U.K. Discovering them all is hard enough, but how do you filter out the ones that don't have a decent potential for profit? Here's a list of simple requirements that will help you decide between which franchises are worth your time and which aren't. ... While becoming a franchisee isn't always a walk in the park, if done right it can certainly reimburse great rewards which far outweigh the initial investments. If you are going to be investing your time,READ MORE

Posted by FGS on Feb 04, 2015

How to select and evaluate a good location

Selecting a good location for your retail franchise will be one of ...the most important decisions... made that will determine the success of the franchise. A good understanding of how large the territory or trade area of the franchise will cover should have been thoroughly investigated before signing a franchise agreement. The franchisor should be able to supply the franchisee with demographics and pertinent information about the trade area. Additional information will be needed before a lease READ MORE

Posted by Callum Short on Feb 02, 2015

4 top reasons to invest in a franchise

...Focus on what you love... One of the most commonly seen reasons for the adoption of a franchise brand is the pursuing of a hobby or career passion, yet, when starting up your own business people often under-anticipate the diversity of work which must be overcome. Let’s paint a picture. You’re starting up your own legal firm, you love legal work and you are great at it, perfect right? ...Probably not.... Firstly, let’s consider the fundamentals of what makes a business, the paperwork and on-READ MORE